About Ginza Zen Clinic

All the staff at our hospital pays careful attention to patient's eyes and tries our best to provide comfortableness.
In addition, we would like you to be the ideal one of yourself as close as possible by having you visit our hospital.
We will be your primary care doctor of beauty and be responsible for all the way to the end.



Reasons to be chosen

In our hospital, we always keep in mind to have the best medical treatment and treatment for each patient.
We take enough time for careful counseling to treatment/operation process.
With our original system and program, we provide the best dermatological treatment with high satisfaction and high quality beauty care technology.


We do not have any long-term plans with multiple processes. Everything is paid by each treatment you get. We use as much power as we can to offer you the best result at each treatment and operation, which is the strength of Zen Clinic.


Our unique manager, ‘charisma of beauty’ will listen to your concerns of beauty, health and even sometimes about life.


For the latest medical technology, we participate in academic meetings and study sessions. We hold study sessions on regular basis at our hospital as well to keep our standards at high level.